FREDDY Movie, Kartik Aryan best psychological and suspense movie 2022

How an awkward introvert falls in love with an inappropriate girl and what happens next: In “Freddy,” the Mumbai-Parsi details of this one-line notion, which must have been how millions of movies begin, is fleshed out.

When Freddy Ginwala (Karthik Aaryan), a dental surgeon, first sees Kainaaz Irani (Alaya F), he falls in love. But he cannot conquer the lady.

Two hours of screen time are devoted to what occurs next, which include ambitious women, ignorant men, wisdom teeth that belong to the not-very-wise, and plenty of unpleasant surprises.

freddy is psychological thriller and suspensed movie

The Parsi-ness is hardly overdone, with the possible exception of one scene where “dhansak,” “lagan nu custard,” and other Parsi delicacies are conspicuously placed on the table.

The Rustom and Raymonds come and go in the remaining scenes, laying the stage for the main course of accidents, cold-blooded killings, near-fatal allergies, and retaliation.

Aaryan manages the dentist’s equipment just fine. Alaya was born to be the young charmer who knows how to catch her fish. They first seem attracted to each other, which makes sense given that Freddy is gradually losing his shyness and Kainaaz is snuggling and confiding in him.

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But you can tell halfway through the movie that things are not going to turn out well since they begin to take on a noir-like tone. Aaryan is getting better at playing roles where he and we both have to take him seriously,

and there are a few times when he actually makes us shiver. However, he is unable to get rid of his goodness since, despite using sharp objects, excellent teeth, and no anaesthetic,

his Freddy is not quite as Kruger as he should be. Alaya is more adept at playing the dual-faced Janus character, in which she says one thing while really meaning another.

And after a main character’s sinister secret is revealed, “Freddy” loses its suspense and starts to feel dragged out.

Cast: Kartik Aaryan, Laila Pha, Karan Pandit, Sajjad Delfrooz, Naresh Kumar etc.

Director: Shashank Ghosh

Summary of Freddy movie-

freddy is top acting movie

This movie revolves around a dentist life who is shy and hegitate to talk girls, but movies shows that how someone love takes life and give a target to do something, so don’t ever play with the emotions of anybody.

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Lets talk about Freddy movie-

FREDDY opens with a compelling sequence that succinctly conveys the protagonist’s solitary status. The movie begins at the scene where Freddy meets Kainaaz in his clinic.

The romance scenes are great, and Freddy’s justification for killing someone is genuine. The revelation that occurs just before the intermission comes as a complete surprise.

Following the intermission, the scene where Freddy enters the Light of Persia restaurant and the subsequent scene where he begins to wreak retribution are both incredibly compelling scenes.

It’s also worth viewing the scene where the police are at Freddy’s home and the clinic. Although the finale may have been better, it still surprises audiences.

freddy end is like drishyam

Regarding performances, Kartik Aaryan is once again in superb shape. In reality, this is his most accomplished performance to date, and you must watch it to understand how deeply he has immersed himself in the role. It’s intriguing that his portrayal of a socially uncomfortable man doesn’t seem manufactured.

Alaya F astounds with her performance as well. Even in JAWAANI JAANEMAN (2020), she made an impression, but her performance here is far better.

The actor that plays Raymond, Sajjad Delafrooz, is highly talented but absolutely indistinguishable. As long as he has the correct accent, he appears to be of Parsi descent. Shireen Mistry, Rustom, the inspector, and Persis auntie are all excellent actors.

Pritam produces good songs. The song “Kaala Jaadu” is eerie, and the tune is similar to the movie’s theme. “Tum Jo Milo” is positioned correctly. The background music by Clinton Cerejo ups the thrill factor.

Fantastic cinematography was created by Ayananka Bose. The theatrical and thematic production design by Adita Bali complements the movie perfectly.

The behaviour of Amritpal Singh is realistic. Kartik and Alaya’s costumes by Aki Narula are right out of reality, a little unglamorous in Kartik’s case, and attractive in Alaya’s case. In the balloon scene, Redefine’s VFX are subpar, but elsewhere, they’re fine. Sharp editing by Chandan Arora.




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