AN ACTION HERO, Everybody is carrying a gun. Everyone has a gun. Why? Nobody is aware? And every single time, the wrong man is slain. Exactly that is the focus of An Action Hero.

The action-packed movie by director Anirudh Iyer features a number of instances that defy logic, not just from the protagonist but also from the villains.


While the majority of them make you doubt your intelligence, you usually ignore them and focus on the action and amusing way that events play out on screen.

An Action Hero includes clever dialogue, one-liners, and comedy punches that land perfectly. It is laced with dark humor. In some fight scenes, sometimes even more effective than the main action figure.

Ayushmann Khurana plays the action hero Maanav Khurana in the film, who recently declined a part in a gangster biography because he wanted to stay away from the “bhai log and underworld.”

Ironically, Vicky Solanki, the younger brother of a notorious criminal, and Jat neta Bhoora Solanki (Jaideep Ahlawat), who now wants to avenge his brother’s “death” and kill Maanav, are killed by him unintentionally when he is filming in Haryana.


After pack-up, Vicky was enjoying his new car when he passed away. Then, on the streets of the UK, a group of guys with gunfire engaged in meaningless firing at one another in a cat-and-mouse game (you can see how the movie shifts from Haryana to Mumbai to London).

Iyer, who also wrote the narrative, carried things far further than we could have imagined when he restrained our ability to ask too many questions. For instance, you keep asking why Maanav and Bhoora didn’t require a visa or advance reservations when they are whisked off to London in a matter of minutes. Is Maanav’s passport always in his pocket when traveling abroad? How is Bhoora even permitted to enter London with weapons? When in London, Ayushmann evades the London Police with ease and manages to make a successful escape.

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The sentence “Action hero ko gussa aata hai toh public ka paisa vasool hota hai” appears in the movie. Ayushmann largely adheres to this viewpoint, and his commitment comes through in the action sequences.

A sight for sore eyes is always watching an actor do something new and hard that pushes him beyond his comfort zone.

In addition to his newly chiseled appearance, he also has a number of catchphrases to show off, such as “Ladna mera kaam hai, shaunk nahi” and “action hero hoon, taakat ka istemaal aakhir mein karta hoon.”

Ahlawat is once again a master of acting with his Haryanvi accent. You can sense his frightening aura even in the instances where he is simply standing there and silent.

As an action hero in a movie, Khurrana falls flat. He may take some time to lose his appeal as the neighbor kid. However, he executes action scenes in real life (or is it reel life? ),

hitting bad guys with passion and displaying parkour prowess akin to Eggsy from Kingsman: The Secret Service. However, Khurrana is at his best in the sequences where he plays the out-of-sorts superstar compelled to live like a regular person while evading capture.

It is challenging to either dislike him or support him because of the delicate way in which he manages the entitlement that comes with being a superstar, a surprisingly sensible approach (even if that is about rescuing himself),

and even more pleasant surprise gestures of generosity. He has a conscience even if he may be a jerk.

Jitender Hooda, who portrays a police officer and is a riot every time he appears on screen—which, criminally, is not often enough—deserves special notice.

If you feel like leaving your head at home, An Action Hero is a high-fun, no-brainer action film. Though it is extremely funny, this is an Ayushmann Khurrana movie,

so taking your head along can make it more entertaining. The movie, which was co-written by Iyer and Neeraj Yadav, honors (or parodies) Bollywood masala action movies.

Whether it’s making fun of the film’s haphazard location switching and time-space conflations, the inclusion of characters without rhyme or reason, a real action hero’s cameo, or a Malaika Arora item number.

Watch the item song AN ACTION HERO

But the movie also criticizes the #boycottbollywood craze, the function of viewers, and the media witch hunt over everything that appears to be harmlessly Bollywood.

There are headlines like “Naam Maanav, kaam daanav” and people talking about boycotting all of Maanav’s films, which are frequently used as background noise to accentuate some drama playing out on screen, as well as random rantings about Maanav’s acts (the case reports are never referenced).

It also makes fun of how quickly the media shifts its position, leaving only one voice to inquire as to why and how.

With Bhoora’s (not particularly well-timed) argument about how the audience creates the celebrity and is, therefore, more powerful and Maanav’s retort that

the audience should do what it is supposed to do — “watch,” An Action Hero also raises the audience vs. star debate. If the conclusion seems a little too convenient, keep in mind that people in positions of prominence and influence frequently escape punishment, whether they are wholly, partially, or unintentionally at fault.

The cast of an action hero: Ayushmann Khurrana, Jaideep Ahlawat, Jitender Hooda

Director: Anirudh Iyer


Ayushmann Khurana is the actor is one of who could pull off a masala action-thriller, and director Anirudh Iyer makes his debut with one.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan is based on the concept of fusing two universes with characters from both sides of the 70 mm screen and pitting them against one another, but this has many unique elements.

Finally, I said that it’s a masala entertainer movie, which brings you to a theatre show.

Ayushmann Khurrana finally talks about Akshay Kumar’s cameo in ‘An Action Hero’, shares pic with him

IF YOU WANT TO SEE go ayushmannk Instagram.

First-day collection of AN ACTION HERO

An Action Hero made between 1.50 and 3 crore* at the box office, according to the most recent media sources. The movie was reportedly projected to gross over 3–4 crore on its first day.

It appears that Ajay Devgn’s Drishyam 2 won the box office even in the face of competition from An Action Hero and the Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon movie Bhediya.

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